Testimonials for Celluvation Crystals & Coffee Products of Youth, Brain, Energy & Celluvation Coffee


1.) Youth Crystals

I am a Medical doctor with 35 years of experience. I am 60 years old, and I started taking the product in November 2018 and see the difference is visible - the face is fresher, the oval has changed, the eyelids are tightened!
Plus - sleep has improved, the whole body has been tightened, cellulite has visibly reduced, weight has decreased by 3 kg - with a normal mode and a sedentary lifestyle now.


2.) Youth Crystals

In the photo, I see two completely different people. So much changed the facial features and shape of the skull. I see two brothers. On the left - older brother. Right - the youngest. Completely two different people. This result once again suggests that the Youth crystals should be taken daily on a regular basis. Taking, forgetting, throwing, taking a break, remembering and accepting again is a waste of money. It is with regular use that the crystals give our body SECOND AND ETERNAL YOUTH. The alchemists of the Middle Ages began to look for a recipe for eternal youth, but it has not been found so far. And now look - it is here, we hold it in our hands. This small light jar gives us something for which the rulers of the world, kings and the richest people in world history gave their kingdoms and states.
Crystals Youth came to us is not by accident.
They came at the right time, to the right place and to the right people who deserved this Gift of the Universe.


3.) Youth Crystals
Woman, 69 years old. Chronic insomnia, high numbers of blood pressure, anxious and suspicious state. Accepts Celluvation products - youth and brain. Sleep recovered after 5 days, refused from pills in a month. Weight decreased by 5kg. Improved bowel function. Depression gone.
Наталья Воротниченко


4.) Youth Crystals
Woman 36 years old. Came on vacation from Italy. Low power, pale. Concerned about pain in the heart, low blood pressure, tachycardia. Accepts celluvation products - youth massage and breathing exercises. After two weeks, the condition returned to normal. Connected energy.
Наталья Воротниченко


5.) Youth Crystals
Hello to all! Crystals I apply 7 months. I want to say that there is a lot of changes in the body. Already that PSORIAZ IS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED !!! Now blood pressure 110/80, then 120/85 ...), blood sugar "dropped" to 6-6.5, and was 9 and higher, the process of osteoporosis stopped (this was observed by testing on the device), the energy was greatly increased, although the energy was taken by a jar of 1 jar, a significant improvement in memory — I took 2 jars, and the look has changed, they say that she is younger. I turn around, and this is important Thanks to the wonderful company!!! Thank you for the interesting Skype meetings, sponsors support! WANT TO LIVE!!! Our company is the BEST!
Svetlana Osipen


6.) Youth Crystals
I want to share my result. I joined the company on March 30, 2019. In April I found a tick on my body. It seemed to me that my legs in my feet were very sore for no reason, it was very painful for me to walk. I understood that the reason was a tick bite. All my relatives immediately sent me to the hospital, where I had to undergo expensive research in a private laboratory, take 40 shots of the most powerful antibiotics. But, I heard at a presentation in our company, as one woman in America spent 200 thousand dollars for medical treatment when a tick bit her, and everything was in vain - nothing helped her. The American began to accept, on the recommendation of our base product, YOUTH, and after a short time, in three weeks, she received a GREAT result. She went through all the phenomena, she felt healthy, happy and remained immensely grateful to our product.
Remembering this case and trusting the product, I WITHOUT PANIC started to accept our basic product YOUTH. I just received it with my first package in the mail, as a gift of fate.
When I drank just one jar of Youth, everything was gone, without a trace ... Imagine, on the 13th day, my legs stopped hurting and I feel, thank God, PERFECTLY. THANKS to the President of the company Jos and his team for the great products - ON JOY and FOR GOOD health of people
Katerina B, Kiev, Ukraine


7.) Youth Crystals
Good day to all! I want to share my result, especially since it is unique! From the age of 26 I have had such a nuisance as psoriasis. I have suffered in my entire life — I was in the hospital, treated traditionally, and with supplements, even visited folk healers ... occipital part of the head (this is the most unpleasant place ...- psoriasis understand me). After 4 months of taking the YOUTH, the skin was completely cleansed!!! I had never had such a result!!!! CELLUVATION, to you my love and admiration!
Светлана Осипенко.


8.) Youth Crystals
Testimony on the eyes.
As for the eyes of my 83-year-old distributor, she has a cataract and she could not see the time on her electronic watch without a magnifying glass. After a month of taking the crystals of Youth, she can see the time at a distance of two feet without a magnifying glass. Also, in her last interview, Dr. Sally Bird said that the collagen building factor of crystals is very important for eye health.
Steve K, San Diego, California, USA

9.) Youth Crystals
Good day to all! I want to write about my results. I am 62 years old, lately my hip joints have ached, especially at night, my right shoulder hurt. I went to an osteopath, there was not much improvement. And then, somewhere after 10 days of taking our Crystals of youth, I caught myself thinking that I do not feel joints at all!! My body returned to youth, there is such lightness that I want not to walk, but to run!! A weak spot in my body is a throat, and at the very beginning of the techniques it immediately manifested itself with a sore throat. We must be prepared for such aggravations, because the product is very strong, and we must start with small doses and drink plenty of water. And I immediately started with a full spoon and water nedopivala. I get enough sleep, because sleep has become deeper. Calmer react to stimuli. The nails have become much harder. I will continue to take the product and share with you the results. And I wish you the same!


10.) Youth Crystals & Brain Crystals
Changes in the quality and density of hair, change the shape of the face. Woman 72 years. She took crystals. Youth 6 months and crystals. Brain 2 months. The hair became thick, the hair itself is thick, shiny, very elastic. No longer use hair styling products, hair is fine after a simple combing. The roots show a large number of new growing hair. She saw this in her youth. Hair color noticeably darkened, gray hair remained only a little on the temples. No longer uses hair coloring products, as they look like expensive highlights. The muscles of the face tightened, the oval of the face has noticeably changed. Eyes opened. The nails have become very dense, shiny, strong, even pink color. Very pleased with the complexion. The skin of the face has a uniform shade of morning dawn. The pigment spots disappeared completely on one side of the face and significantly turned pale on the other side. Very pleased with the performance of Celluvation products.
Tatyana K


11.) Youth, Energy & Brain Crystals
Result; Woman 58 years old is sick with type 2 diabetes. Diabetic foot syndrome. Neuropathic form. Burning pain in the feet, swelling, reduction of pain, tactile, vibration sensitivity disturbed. Ulcers on 2 and 3 toes - 1x phalanges. It was difficult to pick up shoes. Within 3 months it takes - ENERGY - morning, BRAIN - during the day, YOUTH - in the evening 0.2 spoons three times a day. Overall health has improved. The sensitivity in the feet has been restored - there are no ulcers and cracks. Made a pedicure – happy. Connects to the team CELLUVATION
Наталья Воротниченко


12.) Youth Crystals
Congratulations to all on the holiday of March 8 and as a gift - the result! Woman 91 years old. Complaints of weakness in the legs - walks with difficulty, shuffling legs, high numbers of blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia. Within 2 months, she takes СELLUVATION (YOUTH) products against the background of drug therapy. The rhythm of the heart activity normalized, the blood pressure fluctuates moderately. Today, on March 7, I walked on the street on my own for 2 hours. Very grateful to everyone for such a revival.
Наталья Воротниченко


13.) Youth Crystals
I, have been using Celluvation products since November 2018

During this time, I went through 2 diagnostics - one was diagnosed in December, the other in February.
During this time, my blood sugar and urine rates returned to normal.
In the kidneys, my uric acid and nitrogen content were overestimated. After 2 months, re-diagnosis showed normal levels.

Almost all organs lacked collagen, especially in the eyes, teeth and muscles, the circulatory system, the skeleton, and fat metabolism also suffered. During reception, the collagen content in the eyes, teeth, muscles, circulatory system was normalized. Regarding the skeleton and fat metabolism - the indicators so far have not improved much. fat accumulation in the liver has decreased, but has not yet returned to normal.

Exacerbations were not.

The body is completely saturated with vitamins, minerals, since I absolutely do not want any fruit. And before, I could not live without them even a day.
Many thanks to Jos Daniel for a great product.

What I most appreciated in this product:

1. This is hydrogen, which restores intracellular and intercellular water balance, having vibrations of the golden section, and growth hormone, due to which rejuvenation takes place.

2. The body begins to produce its own collagen, thanks to the well-chosen components of the product Youth, as I was convinced in my diagnosis.

I also take a product for brain activity. After 3 days, I felt an improvement in memory.

My wishes: Love yourself! Do Prevention instead of Treatment, believe in the product, confirm your results with your diagnosis, get your own experience!
Evetta Forova

14.) Youth Crystals
My friend T., 67, who is also a partner, asked me to place her personal result in CHAT. Takes "Youth" from October 2018. She testified that, like a woman who had two children, her breasts increased from years to the size of the DD bra. After taking the base product for 7 months, the chest tightened, became more elastic and poured, as after a successful high-quality plastic surgery .. And this makes it possible to freely dispense even without a bra in their own years., It is positive, once again not to squeeze lymphatic vessels and do not cause stagnant lymph. That is harmful to women's health ... Everything is individual, but every woman can dream about such a result.
Valentina E, Chernigov, Ukraine.


15.) Youth and Brain Crystals
Good day to all!!!
I have a nice NEW. On November 20, 2018, I once again visited my oculist about the incipient cataract and the prerequisites for the occurrence of glaucoma. TAUFON eye drops were recommended. Since I was already a partner of our Company, I drank the "YOUTH" for 3 months, then there was a break in March-month due to circumstances, and after April 1, YOUTH resumed again, added BRAIN to the reception and dripped a warm solution YOUTH into my eyes 2 times a day. Yesterday, April 23, was examined by an oculist. The result of receiving products in general for 4 months - the pathological process in the eyeballs stopped., The vision improved from 0.2-0.3 to 0.4 diopters. The doctor was surprised and showed interest in our products. A follow-up visit to the doctor is recommended after 6 months.
I wish you all good health!!! Best regards,
Valentina, Ershova, UA


16.) Youth Crystals
I take Youth, one and a half months. What I already noticed - the swelling in the legs is gone, the situation with the veins is better. The netting did not go away, but the legs do not swell in SUMMER. Heart works better, skin is more elastic. The nails have not changed yet, and the weight is also not, but the general condition is better uniquely. This is all for now, according to my results.
Irina S, Odessa, Ukraine.


17.) Youth Crystals
A cup of our special coffee every morning for health… up to 3 times a day. It is particularly useful and effective, not only burns fat for a healthy weight correction, but improves brain function, speeds up metabolic processes, restores strength and energy after exertion, strengthens the immune system, and slows down aging.
Let us all together thank our Company, its creators and product developers, as well as the whole CELLUVATION team for great products!!!
Valentina E, Chernigov, Ukraine.


18.) Youth Crystals
Woman 72 years. Used CELLUVATION products for 6 and a half months. During this time, made 5 diagnostics. The result is as follows: during the first diagnostics of 18.02 2019 indicators located in the red zone-2, in the yellow zone 29, in the blue zone -90, in the green (this is the norm) -125. During this time, three diagnostics have passed, where the indicators of all health parameters have steadily improved. At the last diagnostics on June 3, after 3 and a half months, there is no red zone at all (and this is the worst indicator). 16 indicators remained in the yellow zone, 59 in the blue zone, and 171 in the green zone. A total of 246 health parameters on 35 sheets shows diagnostics. During this time, the fat in the liver from 0.64 became 0.13. The blood sugar from 8.3 became 3.645. Improved memory. Collagen recovered, etc. Big thanks to Jos Daniel for a great product.


19.) Youth Crystals
Female 52g, Uses celluvation (youth) products in combination with gymnastics in the gym for two months. After training there is no muscle pain! Has become more flexible, the joints do not hurt or crackle. What is surprising is that the waist has become thinner by 7 cm, while the weight remains the same. Improved posture. Very pleased with the result! Connect the brain.
Наталья Воротниченко


20.) Youth Crystals
Woman 66y.o. Post-traumatic changes in the knee joint - deformity, swelling, aching pain during exercise. The use of celluvation-youth products and physical therapy for two months restored the range of motion in the joint, signs of inflammation disappeared. decreased atrophy of the lower leg.
Наталья Воротниченко


21.) Youth Crystals and Brain
My personal experience of using CELLUVATION crystals over the past period from October 18, 2018.

1. From my house to the office 20 minutes walk. One day I just didn’t understand first ANYTHING - I got it
I am 10 minutes there and 12 minutes ago, and I was not tired at all. Such an impression. it was as if they had moved me from place to place in an instant, there was such lightness in my whole body. And suddenly it dawned on me - so energy is something from the reception of crystals !!! It happened on the 3rd day after I started drinking our product.


2. Three a week before registering with the Company, she discovered by chance on the upper surface of her left foot a beanbread-sized formation. It was soft in texture and mobile, that is, not bone, but painful when pressed. At first, I began to drink "Youth" crystals and watch. After 10 days, the "beanseed" noticeably began to decline. She turned to a surgeon who confirmed the diagnosis of a tendon cyst, prescribed a resorptional ointment and pain-relieving pills. But I needed a “clean” result and I got it only on our product, not accepting anything else. First, the cyst was reduced to the size of a bean, and by the end of the reception of the first jar of the product, it became like a pea and painless.


3. In mid-January, I felt goosebumps, numbness of the little finger and the ring finger on my left hand, then the same phenomena repeated on the right (in the diagnosis in the fall of 2018, a narrowing of the canal of the cervical spine was revealed). I could not, without help, put a little finger on my ring finger with an open palm, it was difficult to hold a knife and peel vegetables, a weakness appeared in my hands. During this period of time, I have already accepted Youth in combination with BRAIN crystals and continue to accept. Gradually, the phenomena of discomfort passed without other additional means, strength in the hands was restored.


4. Above the temple on the right, two pronounced rough pigment spots of gray-brown color appeared. I thought to rub a slurry of youth crystals into the skin. For 7-10 days, the spots were diminishing and now barely noticeable. I am sure that shortly traces will disappear for good.


5. When using CELLUVATION products, the intestinal function is improved, sleep, mood and general well-being are improved, energy and lightness are added to the body.


as the American doctor, naturopath Steve Koochin, said at the first presentation. AND IT IS TRUE !!!
We, the partners of the Company, take this product first, have our own achievements and results,
and we invite to our team of people interested in improving their health and well-being ...
Valentina Ershova. Ukraine


22.) Youth Crystals
I share personal experience. I used to love to drink water, spring, well, purified. But for the last 5 years I have stopped drinking pure water, I even stopped drinking tea and coffee and other beverages. Last year I began to force myself to drink water using hydroplasma. And what was my surprise that I recently began to drink water again without hydroplasma, and it was only a little over a week since the adoption of “Youth”, so now I enjoy drinking and drinking simple purified water. Doe's friend did not see each other for more than two weeks, and yesterday she saw me and said that I had changed my appearance, had become somehow taut and my face was completely different. These are the changes that have happened to me since the adoption of the “Youth” crystals. Photo before, of course I did not.


23.) Youth Crystals

24.) Youth Crystals