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KETO Crystals for Weight Management and Sports Endurance


Here at Celluvation we "Answer to a Different Calling".

We use 21st century cutting-edge technologies which deal with  "Energetic Frequency".

We do also use the highest quality natural substances from organic nutritional sources, herbs and minerals. However, they play a secondary role in the healing properties of our products.

Our focus is more on the "Sublime Ethereal and the Esoteric".

What we do is more about "shifting the frequency" to a higher level of "emotional, energetic expression". This is directly reflected as healthier physiological functions in all the cells in our body.

This is similar to what used to be called "Good Vibes". We believe that most anyone can understand that when you feel emotionally better, with less stress in your psyche, then your body also equally functions physiologically better and healthier.

Our modern world has a lot of ongoing chronic stress, which didn't exist in past decades. This rents a constant negative toll upon our metabolism, our overall health and our "emotional wellbeing".

Our "Energetically Enhanced" products are specifically designed to deal directly with this difficulty by, "changing the Energetic Field". This is the optimum way of affecting these issues at their core.

Studies have shown that there is no pharmaceutical medicine, or even any nutritional supplement, which can help the physiology of our body to function better, than just "feeling emotionally better" about one's life and oneself!


Research now shows that mitochondria, which are in the basis of energy transfer of ATP in our cells, (and all living animals), is powder by hydrogen, so why not use the frequency of hydrogen!

Research now shows that mitochondria, are actually ancient one cell living organisms and are in the basis of energy transfer of ATP in our cells. They are powered by hydrogen, so why not receive the frequency of hydrogen?!

Consequently, being a "living thing", they can "sense our stress frequencies" and respond accordingly to it, in their functioning.

Our weight loss product, Celluvation Keto Crystals, includes the most energetically advanced and powerful form of Ester's of BHB. This is the most effective state-of-the-art technology used in today's nutrition world to boost the body's metabolism to Ketogenically burn our body fat, instead of from the foods we're eating.

This makes one feel great, have lots of energy, and lose weight in a healthy effective way.

Combined with our "Energetic Frequency Enhancement", there is no other product like this, available anywhere else in the marketplace today!



Ingredients: BHB Salts, MCT Powder, Celluvation Mineral Compound, Lemon Crystals, Monk Fruit.


At the retail cost of $70 per jar, it comes with 30 1 gram servings. You put 1 gram serving in 8 oz of water, thus giving you 8 oz of finished product per serving. The full retail cost of 8 oz. of energetically enhanced Ketones that behave as pure ketone esters is $2.33!


The wholesale cost of on 8 oz serving is $1.67!

And... These is nothing remotely close to price and performance!  (even twice)


There is nothing in the market today, which even remotely comes close to what we have created in this product!... and at this reasonable price.


Why does it work? Because we are "Celluvation" the "Energetic Formulator" for the 21st century.