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One Simple Step to a Younger Looking You!


Simply blend our proprietary “coded” water, with our pristine white powder, Celluvation Skin Care Crystals™-- containing amino acids, enzymes and white seaweed-- to create a cool, soothing gel mask. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Every few minutes, you will want to mist your face with our “coded” water.



The Secret Formulation: Codes of Youth Rejuvenation, Quantum Physics, and Intelligent Water.

Celluvation Skin Care Crystals is the very first skin care system that is freshly blended each day, by you!




Celluvation™ is an evolutionary new skin care system, setting a new standard by tapping into the science of quantum physics for rejuvenation. Our unique, all-natural system soothes the skin and leaves you with a glowing, silky look and feel. This regime encompasses ancient sciences with today’s modern technologies. Celluvation™ contains enhanced “coded” water with crystalline minerals to deliver the first "energetic" rejuvenation skin care system. This regimen is blended fresh each day, just before use, by you!

Our advanced system helps reverse the appearance of damage resulting from aging, stress, lifestyle and pollution. Its is safe and effective on all skin types, as it is hypoallergenic, chemical and preservative-free.



Anecdotal evidence from thousands has demonstrated
Celluvation’s unique codes:
• Restores Youthful Glow*
• Smoothes Texture*
• Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles*
• Hydrates*
• Minimizes Pores*
• Firms Skin*
• Increases Collagen/Elastin*



Celluvation "New & Improved 2018 Skin Care Mask Coming soon!

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Celluvation "The Original Skin Care Mask" on CBS-TV News in NYC!





Celluvation Skin Care Training (Click Link to Open PDF File)


Celluvation Skin Care Training (Click Link to Open PowerPoint File)


This is the latest technology to rock the skincare world!  

It is the first "energetic" skin regime and the first "mix fresh" everyday system in the world. 


Celluvation Skin Care is the future of skin technology. It is based upon one simple yet powerful question...  If the codes for rejuvenation were found, what would be possible?  Celluvation Skin Care is the answer. It is the quantum physics of skin technology. It is the science of mathematical algorithms for rejuvenation.


Jos Daniel, the creator, has designed very specific, sophisticated computer programming codes that are imbued/imprinted into a specially treated water. This unique process has created a proprietary  enhanced coded water, which is the secret behind the dramatic effect of this regime.


Easy and simple to use, Celluvation Skin Care is the first of its kind, a true rejuvenation system that is safe and healthy.  Our advanced protocol helps reverse the appearance of damage resulting from aging, stress, lifestyle, and pollution.  It is hypoallergenic and chemical and preservative free.


Evolutionary, new category, new standard, new paradigm for cellular rejuvenation all refer to this extraordinary breakthrough cellular rejuvenation skin care.  All things that exist have a mathematical code and vibrational signature.  Today, science is rediscovering the principles of what the ancients knew centuries ago. Water is susceptible to programming, and more than 70% of our bodies are made up of water. Celluvation Skin Care has captured and bottled this science.  It is more than skincare. It is a "liquid computer program" applied to our hardware, our skin and our face.  When the codes (below) saturate into the skin, cellular rejuvenation happens!


How does it work?


Celluvation Skin Care is a simple system.  You blend fresh each day the pristine pure white powder of amino acids, enzymes and white seaweed with the proprietary enhanced water that holds the coded data. You apply it to your face and leave it on for approximately 15 minutes, spraying the proprietary water every few minutes. The messages below are transmitted deeply into the skin.  After you remove the mask, you will glow and your skin will feel very silky, soft, and smooth! You will have the wet dewy sexy look!


Your body's natural ability to regenerate will be stimulated by receiving these specific codes: 

1) Restores Youthful Glow
2) Hydrates
3) Smoothes texture
4) Firms and lifts skin
5) Increases collagen/elastin
6) Minimizes pores
7) Mood elevation


Although we do not make any claims, as at present we have no studies to support our claims, we have hundreds of anecdotal results that are astounding and nearly immediate within 1-3 applications.   We are so convinced that you will love this product that we offer a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee on the product.

The man who has made all of this possible, Jos Daniel, is dedicated. His vision, a destiny, if you will, is to bring this profound technology to the world.  His background, his brilliance, and the synchronicity of events that guided him to create this system are quite a story.


Working in Hollywood, Jos was in the top 1% of his field as an independent animation expert and computer programmer.  Many of the major studios hired him to write codes to amend and create images for movies.  For example...He would write a code to remove a tear or a scar or to put a mole onto a face. Instead of reshooting, an image was edited.  He created images from mathematical algorithms, much like in the movie Avatar, that were not real but seemed real.   After many years in Hollywood, Jos went to Asia and began researching energy drinks, botanicals, and beauty care. He collaborated with a network marketing company and built an enormous downline.  He also began working with major doctors, scientists, pharmacologists, and researchers from all over the Earth and discovered a way to combine what he knew with what they knew. His understanding and background afforded him the insights to create very specific mathematical algorithms that held rejuvenation and energy codes that could be programmed into water.  He created codes that will work on real people, not animation. This water then became "intelligent water" with a purpose. His focus became dedicated to rejuvenation and regeneration. Thus evolved this incredible line of cutting edge skin technology. In doing this, Jos has created a new category of energy based skin care.





"Hey There,


I am sure you know…everyone wants to look better and feel younger, don’t you? Well…this is very, very exciting news! I want to introduce you to a “never been done before” skin technology from ELEVATED ARTISANS called Celluvation Skin Care. This is a product that everyone can use and everyone needs.
What the founder Jos Daniel did at EA and has accomplished is something that is brand new and is absolutely ground breaking in the facial care industry. It is a special form of quantum physics energy in a bottle. I know you may not know what that means but that doesn’t matter, neither did I. Just hang on tight … cause here we go!
After using Celluvation Skin Care specially formulated product people of all ages are looking and feeling younger. Did I just say “feeling” younger? YES! Because this is the most phenomenal product you will ever use on your skin. It is …in a nutshell… an all natural, non toxic, chemical free, infused water based product that has a very specific intelligent code programmed directly into the water.


What this means is that when this product is mixed daily in very small fresh batches, the product comes alive! It is very specific for rejuvenation and contains “feel good” codes like joy, peace, uplifting anti-depression and anti-stress, mood elevating programs. It is VERY code specific. I know this may sound different but that’s because it is!


The product is … very simply, a clear gel skin mask that is mixed fresh daily at home, it’s simple and easy to apply. Most of all it gets amazing instant results.

With skin care products it can take years of very expensive use to get some kind of results … if you get any at all! After using Celluvation Skin Care, most people are seeing fabulous changes almost instantly from just one application. (for me it took two applications)


The majority of people, both men and women are seeing extraordinary results in as little as two weeks and full facial rejuvenation in as little as 3-4 months. That’s all it may take for you to fully reprogram and rejuvenate your skin in the privacy of your home or office. Keep in mind the whole process only takes 15-20 minutes a day and you can still make your breakfast, read your emails, sip your coffee or tea all while the product is at work for you. It also gives me a great energy boost to start the day with a positive feeling! 


It takes a very small amount of the fresh mixed powder (enzymes, amino acids and white seaweed) with Celluvation Skin Care water to create the clear gel and start to activate the new found properties.


Once applied to the skin the gentle, odorless, clear gel bursts out with energy. The hydration level balances the moisture in your skin for a fresh young feel, then the tightening and lifting aspects will change the way you look, especially when you see your fine lines start to disappear! Then you can rest assured that the special formula is increasing the collagen levels and allowing the fresh young elasticity to return to your skin. The formula will smooth your skin as it tightens your pores and the mood elevating code infusion is so uplifting it will give you a healthy, happy new outlook.


Don’t just take my word for it, TRY IT for yourself! Be the judge of your own results!


It’s a skin rejuvenation kit that will fit easily in your purse, glove box or weekend travel bag. Your friends and family will notice the changes in your appearance quickly. Sit back relax and enjoy a new you! Once you try this for yourself, you will be amazed at your results!"


-Bart S., Sweden





1. How does Celluvation Skin Care compare with other skin care products on the market?

Answer: Celluvation Skin Care cannot be compared to skin care products. Celluvation Skin Care is a system of which there is none other like it in the world. Generally, skin care products are designed to smooth and hydrate the skins outer layers. While some may appear to make your skin look and feel better on the outer layers, the results are generally short lived. We believe our product penetrates the dermal layer, the 7th layer of the skin, which is where true restoration starts, from the inside out.


2. Does Celluvation Skin Care replace my daily skin care products?

Answer: While it is recommended to use a good facial cleanser, using additional skin care products are a personal preference. Some customers use moisturizers in the beginning of using Celluvation Skin Care to topically hydrate and smooth the outer layer of skin during the cellular rejuvenation process. With continued use, many customers have found no need for additional skin care products due to Celluvation Skin Care alone maintaining hydrated, healthy, and youthful skin.


3. How long does it take to see results using Celluvation Skin Care?

Answer: While results vary depending on the amount of damage to the skin, most people experience smoother, more hydrated skin immediately after using Celluvation Skin Care. When used as directed, customers usually see visible results within two weeks or less. We recommend using Celluvation Skin Care for one month to experience the power of this product.


4. After getting the results I want on my face do I have to continue using Celluvation Skin Care? And if I do how often should I use it?

Answer: The answer is yes due to aging, lifestyle, stress, & exposure to pollution that cause skin damage. The frequency of use is again a personal preference being mindful of genetics and the above factors in your life that cause skin damage. Using Celluvation Skin Care on a daily basis will keep your skin optimally clean, hydrated & youthful, looking its best at all times. 
5. How exactly does Celluvation Skin Care repair my damaged skin?

Answer: It is in the proprietary water formula combined with amino acids and enzymes. Together, we believe they nourish and assist in restoring the cells back to their healthy youthful state. 
6. I have sensitive skin that reacts from many skin care products on the market. Are there any chemicals or ingredients in Celluvation Skin Care that my skin could react to?

Answer: Not at all, Celluvation Skin Care isn’t about chemistry and is free of ingredients that sensitive skin usually reacts to. Most skin care products consist of a myriad of chemicals which is why some people experience a reaction to them. It is important to note however, that while Celluvation Skin Care is cleaning & restoring the skin, impurities may come to the surface in the form of small bumps that usually disappear quickly. This is simply your skin releasing impurities & stored toxins out of the cells. 
7. Is Celluvation Skin Care able to assist in repairing other areas of my skin besides my face?

Answer: Yes, Celluvation Skin Care is a skin repair system. Many customers also believe they have also found Celluvation Skin Care to be effective on other areas of skin damaged due to aging, lifestyle, stress, & exposure to pollution; Two very popular areas targeted are the neck decollete and hands, to lighten up age spots and restore the skin to a healthy youthful state! 
8. Is there a way to experience faster results using Celluvation Skin Care?

Answer: You can achieve faster results by leaving the mask on longer and frequently spraying it with the proprietary water to keep it moist. Some customers like to use Celluvation Skin Care in the evening while relaxing, leaving it on for one to two hours, then removing the mask and applying the Accelerator. Celluvation Skin Care is the fastest way to a younger looking you! It does not matter when you use it, morning or night, just as long as you follow the directions and leave it on for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. 
9. Can Celluvation Skin Care help with skin pigmentation issues?

Answer: Many people believe they have had great success with the age spots on their hands fading away along with skin tones evening out. 
10. Can Celluvation Skin Care even out skin tones of people of ethnicity?

Answer: Many people believe Celluvation Skin Care assists by evening out skin tones of all types regardless of ethnicity. The basis of this product, we believe, is assisting in restoring the cells back to their healthy youthful state. 
11. After my skin is restored should I avoid sun exposure?

Answer: We believe, once the cells are restored to a youthful healthy state it is not necessary to totally avoid the sun, however moderation is the key to great health. Moderate exposure to the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D which is greatly important in maintaining a healthy body. If you are going to be in the sun for prolonged amounts of time you may also choose to cover yourself with protective clothing and seek out a healthy sunscreen that filters out ultraviolet rays without blocking the absorption of vitamin D. Some customers have chosen to use Celluvation Skin Care in the morning and evening to re-hydrate the skin after overexposure in the sun. 
12. Will using Celluvation Skin Care on a continual basis protect my skin from developing future damage?

Answer: We believe once the skin is restored at the dermal layer, with continued use, Celluvation Skin Care will keep your skin youthful and healthy. Many of our customers report that the more they use Celluvation Skin Care, the better looking they get! 
13. Does Celluvation Skin Care replace skin procedures such as chemical peels, face lifts, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing treatments?

Answer: While Celluvation Skin Care alone effectively restores the skin it also works very well in conjunction with many of these types of procedures enhancing and prolonging the results. Many spas choose to use Celluvation Skin Care in conjunction with various procedures as it calms & cools agitated/traumatized skin, greatly reducing redness, & speeding the skin repair process. Clients leave the spa looking good vs. with red inflamed skin. 
14. Is Celluvation Skin Care effective for men also?

Answer: Yes, it is gender neutral, one product for all sexes, all ages, and all skin types. How easy it that! And today more than ever, men want great looking skin too. 
15. What is the importance and effect of gently rubbing the Mask and the Accelerator into the skin?

Answer: The importance of gently rubbing both products into the skin is to cause greater absorption, speeding up visible results. Although not necessary, it is recommended to gently rub each product in with your finger tips. Once you have gently rubbed each product into the skin as directed, thoroughly spray the area with the proprietary water to help the skin absorb even more of the product, thus giving you more for your money. 

Celluvation Product Brochure


Celluvation Skin CareTM


Our unique all-natural Celluvation Skin CareTM system rejuvenates the skin, leaving your skin glowing and feeling silky smooth. All of our ingredients are natural. Celluvation Skin CareTM products are safe and effective for both women and men. They can be used in the morning or the evening. Celluvation Skin CareTM is a revolutionary new skin care system, setting a new quality standard by tapping into the science of quantum physics for skin rejuvenation. If you are asking yourself what we mean by this, just know that we are considering the energy waves of the smallest particles in designing our products.*


Product Theory


In the skin care industry, many people pay attention to product ingredients and the effects these products have on the skin. What makes our company so unique is that our focus is not only on pure ingredients, but also on  quantum physics.*


Two main theories abound in skin care today. These theories are called the “primary action methods.” Both theories follow the basic premise that you do something with the product and the product does something in return. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.*


Theory 1: You apply a cream (organic, natural, or synthetic) on your skin in anticipation of positive effects.*


Theory 2: You damage the outermost layer with facial scrubs, lasers, or acid to reveal the new healthy skin underneath.*


What we have done is add a third theory to the mix:


Theory 3: You apply a “secondary action mechanism.” What this means is that our products deliver specific messages directly into your skin. Your skin receives that information and then starts producing the desired results.*


Our unique Celluvation Skin CareTM line acts as an all-natural computer program. You simply apply it to your skin to maximize your skin’s rejuvenation. The proprietary “codes” are automatically sent to your 7 layers of skin, called the dermis (Don’t worry if you do not have computer coding experience, as no computer coding experience is necessary. We have done all that work for you!).*


Please note that our skin’s cell cycle follows a 28-day cell turnover, until we are around 20 years of age.  During this cycle, the old skin cells fall off, leaving the new skin cells to rise to the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis. As we age, this cell cycle slows down to approximately a 50-day cell turnover.*


In our product, we provide new technology to deliver remarkable results that you can see and feel.*


Quantum Physics


Celluvation Skin CareTM has created a unique way to approach youth rejuvenation using a sophisticated proprietary “coded” water formulation. We are a pioneer in the beauty product market and are taking advantage of water’s normal ability to be used as a carrier system to allow our skin care products to work fast!*


The codes or “messages” contained in the Celluvation Skin CareTM product line include:


Silky, soft, smooth skin*

Skin hydration*

Skin lifting and tightening

Reducing the appearance of fine lines*

Minimizing pores*

Brightening the skin*

Increasing your skin’s natural glow*


This Celluvation Skin CareTM Kit contains:


(2) 8 oz. bottles of Celluvation Skin CareTM “Coded” water

One of the 8 oz. bottles will become the bottle with the pour/dispensing flip top cap, the other 8 oz. bottle will become the spray/fine mist pump bottle. These two bottles are for home use.

(2) 2 oz. bottles of Celluvation Skin CareTM “Coded” water (for travel)

One of the 2 oz. bottles will become the bottle with the pour/dispensing flip top cap, the other 2 oz. bottle will become the spray/fine mist pump bottle. These two bottles are for travel use.

(1) 30 gram jar of Celluvation Cellular Rejuvenation Skin Care Beauty CrystalsTM

(1) Brush

(1) Mixing cup

(1) .15 ml (small) spoon (for the crystals)

(1) 5 ml teaspoon (for the water)


Before you begin:


The bottles have been sealed to prevent the water from leaking. Remove all the sealed caps from the bottles (keep these caps if you will be travelling, so you can reseal them after you use them, to make sure the water does not leak out). Once the sealed caps have been removed, attach (1) mist-and-pour spout cap (1) 8oz. bottle and (1) mist-and-pour spout cap (1) 2oz. bottle; repeat this process for the other bottles. All of the water is the same “Coded” water. We give you (2) 8oz. bottles for home use and (2) 2oz. bottles for travel use.


Celluvation Skin CareTM Directions:


1. Start with clean skin (no make-up, lotion, etc.). Most people do the mask the first thing in the morning.

2. Using the larger spoon (5 ml clear teaspoon), pour one level spoonful of the Celluvation Skin CareTM water into the provided mixing cup or your own tiny bowl.

3. Using the smaller spoon (.15ml white spoon), add one slightly rounded spoonful of the CelluvationTM Cellular Rejuvenation Skin Care Beauty Crystals to the bowl with the Celluvation Skin CareTM water.

4. With the brush, mix the Skin Care Beauty Crystals and the water until the crystals dissolve. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for a few seconds. The mixture will become a gel-like consistency (you may adjust the water amount in order to obtain the consistency you prefer).

5. With the brush, or clean fingers, apply the gel mixture to your face, neck, and around the eye area. Please be careful and make sure you do not get the product into your eyes. Lightly massage the mask into your skin using gentle, circular motions.

6. Leave the mask on for approximately 15 minutes (or longer if you prefer). Keep the mask moist by misting your face with the Celluvation Skin CareTM water approximately every 3 minutes. Use the water bottle with the fine mist spray pump. The main thing you want is to make sure the mask does not dry out. You want to keep it moist on your face for the entire 15 minutes. The reason is that the water carries the product deep into your dermal layers. Near the end of the 15 minutes (or the amount of time you decided upon), let the mask dry out. This has as a tightening effect on your skin.

7. Once the mask feels dry, approximately after 20 minutes, remove the mask by rinsing your face gently using a washcloth and water (use whatever water you normally use for washing your face, not the Celluvation Skin CareTM water). Do not use soap or a cleanser. Pat your face with a towel.

It is also OK to just leave the mask on. You do not need to wash it off. It is up to you. Some people apply other products on top of the mask.


We recommend applying the mask first thing in the morning, to start your day with a great boost of energy! You can apply the mask more than once a day. Three times a day is the maximum amount you would want to use the mask. For example, once in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. We do have some people that apply it before they go to bed and they sleep with it on.*


Celluvation Skin CareTM works synergistically with other skin care products, such as Vitamin-C serum and moisturizers. This can lead to a much more powerful effect on your skin.*


Celluvation Skin CareTM is safe to use in conjunction with other skincare procedures, such as microdermabrasion, microcurrent or a chemical peel. CelluvationTM Skin Care has a cooling, calming effect.*


Since Celluvation Skin CareTM  is an extremely powerful skin care system, you may experience signs of skin detoxification, as the toxins in your skin move to the skin surface (epidermis layers) and are released. In most cases, this is temporary and will diminish after a few days. For example, you may have toxins come out of your skin, old unhealthy skin may flake off, some areas of your skin may become red or have a rash like appearance. These are all signs of detoxification.*


When you first start using the product, your skin may feel dried out. This is a very normal experience for the way our system works. You can use a moisturizer during this transition period. After a few days, the dryness will disappear and your skin will feel very good!*


People with allergies or sensitive skin may have temporary reactions to new skin care products. There may be a temporary skin detoxification reaction, which will subside. A specific allergic reaction to certain natural ingredients in the product is possible. For example, a rash may occur. We recommend that a skin patch test (around 3 cm, in diameter) be applied before any treatment application. We recommend the patch test be done on the inside of one arm 24 hours prior to using any new products. If there is a reaction to your arm, do not apply the product to your face. Discontinue treatment if the allergic reaction persists. Your skin may be detoxing. In most cases, the detox period does not last more than three days.*


Individual results may vary. You should always consult with your physician before starting this product or any health-related program or product.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Brush Systems

We also recommend that you get a brush system something like the ones below. These types of brush systems will help "push" the product deeper into you skin. Therefore you will get better results faster. Our skin care system will still work if you just rub the gel into your skin with your hands, but by adding a brush technology like the system below will really enhance the effects of our product. 




The Clairsonic is a great one for driving the product deep into your skin with its advanced ultrasonic technology. However, the Clairsonic does not spin arround like a buffing brush.




The TAO Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush System is a great system that spins, buffing, type brush, howver it does not have the ultrasound technology like the Clairsonic. We recommend get both of them. First once you apply the gel you your face, rub it in with yoour hands, save some of the gel, do not put all of it on your face, take a small amount and put that on the Clairsonic, then use the ultrasound technology of the Clairsonic to drive the product in for a few minutes. Then whne you are finished with the Clairsonic, then switch to the TAO Aura Clean, again put a small amount of the product on the brushes of the TAO and then drive that deep into the pours on your face. Then when you are finished with the TAO system, take any leftover product and then rub that into your face for a final finishing touch. 


Every few minutes before the mask drys out, spray some of the Celluvaation water on your face to re-hydrate the mask. Aftter approximately 15 minutes your are all done for the day!