PCN Gel No 5 has the frequency of the Policosanol molecule which has the size of about 50 to 60 nanometers. The regular size of a policosanol molecule is 100 nanometers. One source of policosanol is cane sugar. There is a pond in India that has no bacteria growth in it at all, as people throw cane sugar into the pond in a religious ceremony that they perform. Sugar cane is one source of Policosanol which elephants eat. They chew cane sugar, and the juices of the sugar are chewed to mechanically extract for digestion of the policosanol molecule. It is quite a remarkable molecule and some of the results of consuming the molecule are below.  It is an ancient molecule in terms of its original creation in the world. It is a molecule that carries an original blueprint that helps to restore one’s body back to where it should be, functioning optimum.


You can use the PCN Gel No 5 anywhere on the body for any purpose. It is an all purpose Gel that supposed to reset the genome. One can perhaps expect a detox/healing crisis to happen from the data on policosanol and its effect on the body. 


Here are some possible effects that have been reported from the effect of the policosanol molecule.


Blood pressure 


Policosanol might decrease blood pressure in some people. Taking policosanol along with medications used for lowering high blood pressure might cause your blood pressure to go too low. Do not take too much policosanol if you are taking medications for high blood pressure. 


What is policosanol used for? 


Policosanol is most commonly used for leg pain during exercise due to poor blood flow (intermittent claudication). It is also used for high cholesterol and heart disease, but there is no good scientific yet evidence to support these uses. 


Does policosanol really work? 


Conclusions: Policosanol administered long term is effective in lowering LDL-C and TC as well as increasing HDL-C levels in older patients with hypertension and type II hypercholesterolaemia without a history of CHD or cerebrovascular disease. 


Does policosanol reduce plaque in arteries? 


Early research suggests that taking policosanol daily, alone or together with aspirin for 20 months, can reduce heart disease-related events in people with clogged arteries. Inherited high cholesterol (familial hypercholesterolemia).