We have now a link at the top of your Personal Home Page called "Join". Your Personal URL like for example www.mycelluvation.com/username, not the company URL (www.eaccrc.com) . Only your Personal Home Page will work to do the following. If you have a new person ready to sign as a Customer or Distributor then when they click on the "Join" button, they can now choose whether they want to be a Customer or a Distributor just like we have had it before right away.


If they pick Distributor and pay $39.95 they will get wholesale cost for their product right away and if they do pick Distributor they should pick a QRB Package from $275 to $1000. Getting a QRB gives the distributor maximum commissions. If they cannot afford to buy a QRB on the day they have paid $39.95 for their Distributorship, they have only 30 days to purchase their QRB but have to submit a Support Ticket for the office to debit their credit card for the QRB of choice ok?


So that makes is simpler. Your new prospect can right away be a Customer or Distributor and is free to choose either depending on their intention with what they want to do in the company ok? Hope this helps in your sign-up process.


Below is your username info: