Aalere bracelet for 5G/EMF Protection, Anti-Oxident, and Immunity.


Celluvation has a brand new, futuristic product that will help give you and your family Protection from EMF, RF and 5 G, and is the same frequency technology that is currently used in the Celluvation Youth, Brain, Energy Crystals and Gels. The beautiful stainless steel bracelet called Aalere, will help enhance your Immunity by protecting your body from harmful, dirty electrical energy that is all around us, in our environment 24/7.
The Aalere bracelet uses clarifying trans-mutational technology to take the toxic electrical, dirty energy and changes those energies into the energies that we want. It is clarifying transmutational technology that we use. We use the stainless steel as a super conductor of the harmonizing frequencies that we imbue into the bracelet. One frequency that we use is the Schumann frequency that harmonizes us with the earth’s own natural frequency. The bracelet will be constantly harmonizing wherever you go, and you can wear it 24/7 if you wish. As energy is always flowing and changing, our technology also has a shifting dynamic aspect to it in that it is harmonically energetically adaptogenic. We also have tourmaline in this bracelet.
The bracelet gives a constant unbreakable harmonization to the body. The frequencies that we use are proprietary, but in simple terms they are the frequencies which are the opposite of 5G, for example. The opposite frequency of EMF etc. It is like if you have two people standing on the opposite shores of a small lake and they each throw a stone in the water the waves from those stones will meet and cancel each other out is the simplified idea of how the bracelets work. Be ready for wonderful changes in your body, with using our futuristic Aalere Bracelet.


Imagine walking around feeling great all the time, your life full of endless opportunities, where all expressions and possibilities are real. We call it Aalere!


What is unique about Aalere? Why do I want or need Aalere?

Aalere truely is a 21st Century Futuristic Lifestyle product. You are wearing software that enhances your life on a daily basis.


The Technology: The Tesla Vortex to the Limit!


Your body is a bio-energetic life generator, you are constantly generating lifeforce energy that is in your body, and that surrounds your body: the technical term for it is a Morphogenetic Field. This field is one of the main operators of intercellular communication, so in a way, you could think of it as an energetic acupuncture superhighway. 


What does Aalere do?

It taps into this energetic field and applies our massively advanced technology to it, bringing it into perfect quantum harmony and balance. It’s a bit like tuning a piano that’s been out of tune for a while.



Everything runs on mathematical equations, and over time, in our highly charged environment, these equations form waves that move around you and disrupt your personal environment.  Aalere takes all that wave-force energy and through Tesla like technology, transforms it into something more harmonious. Remember energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed form one form to another. With Aalere, we are harnessing all aspects of energy, optimizing it, harmonizing it, then transforming it, to create the perfect homeostatic field for you it live in, no matter where you are or what you are doing!


Cleansing the energy


Dirty energy, otherwise known as EMF, RF, WiFi, 5G, etc... is made from very discordant waveforms that are extremely toxic to healthy life force energy, and massively disruptive to intercellular communication. If intercellular communication is disrupted, the consequences can be serious. Our Aalere Technology is like a quantum piano harmonic energy tuner, turning notes that are out of key and disruptive to our energy, into perfect harmony! 


Aalere contains a next generation Schumann Resonance Ionic Coherence (SRIC). What does that mean? Most people are disconnected from the earth’s ionic flow (lack of grounding) and even from their own intercellular ionic energy flow, which some people refer to as Chi (Energetic) Stagnation. Schumann Resonance Ionic Coherence (SRIC) unblocks energy flow patterns in your body, around you and in your environment. With the advent of this new breakthrough, you will feel as if you have your feet in the salt water of the ocean, discharging positive ions out and pulling in healthy negative ions which are very grounding.
Life lived in coherence is more enjoyable!



When it comes to Aalere technology, it is not so much about how strong or powerful something is, it is more about how light, smart, adaptable, multifunctioning and transformative something can be, all at once. It’s about being flexible in all ways, always!


This Handsome Stainless Steel Aalere Bracelet has been treated with Frequencies that will enhance your life on a daily basis by "cleansing and protecting" the energy fields of your personal space (called the Tesla Vortex) including EMF & RF's


The two different versions of the bracelet have the exact same programming, the only difference is the design.


Stainless Steel Stretchable Rainbow Color

Length 7.68" Width .5"

with Tourmiline Stones

You are able to add/remove sections of the Stretchable Rainbow Color. For example, if it is too tight, you can take sections from another one and add it to another one, to make it larger.


Stainless Steel Linked Silver Color

Length 8" Width .25"

with Far-Infrared (red), Neodymium Magnet (silver), Germanium (black), and Negative Ion (white) Stones.

You are able to add/remove sections of the Linked Stainless Steel Silver Color. For example, if it is too tight, you can take sections from another one and add it to another one, to make it larger.



1 Bracelet (Stainless Steel Rainbow Color): (1AB01) - $250.00

3 Bracelets (Stainless Steel Rainbow Color): (3AB01) - $625.00 (This package includes free shipping only in the USA.)

1 Bracelet (Stainless Steel Linked Silver Color): (1ABS01) - $250.00

3 Bracelets (Stainless Steel Linked Silver Color): (3ABS01) - $625.00 (This package includes free shipping only in the USA.)


This package includes free shipping only in the USA.


Unfortunately, you are not able to mix and match different designs in the 3-Packs, due to the fact they are already packaged.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Aalere Bracelet Sizing
(8 inches long - as supplied)
(32 x ¼” links with 3 stone links and a magnet link)
Examine the bracelet – on one side of the Bracelet, the tapered pins are smoothly inset into each link – this is the tapered Pin’s Big End – call it Side ‘A’.
The other side of the Bracelet, the pin hole is more defined and deeper – this is the tapered pin’s small end – call it Side ‘B’.
The tapered pin will only fit into the link from Side ‘A’, small end inserted first.
Note: The Bracelet has Magnetic Links – beware of losing the small tapered pins. Upon removal of a pin, examine it carefully to see the taper, note the big end – put the tapered pin in a bowl so it doesn’t get lost. If the pin disappears, check first each magnetic link of the Bracelet, etc.
Using the Blue Gizmo, place the Bracelet on the furrowed track with the Bracelet’s Side ‘B’ towards the Blue Gizmo’s screw pusher rod.
Slowly align the Pusher Rod into Side ‘B’ pin hole, and screw carefully in – the pin will suddenly pop out – put the pin in a bowl.
If removing links, repeat the above procedure for the number of links to be removed. Put the spare pin in the removed links for future use.
If adding links, the new links must have a spare pin.
Assemble the Bracelet parts by hand – (if adding links, try to match the stone/magnet link order).
Insert the small end of the tapered pin into the Bracelet’s Side ‘A’, thus joining the two parts – the pin will protrude a bit.
Using the Blue Gizmo’s furrowed track, align the Bracelet’s Side ‘A’ tapered pin to the Pusher Rod, and carefully tighten screw, pushing the pin home – run a finger along the Side ‘A’ to feel if the pin still protrudes – it should feel smooth.
Repeat re-assembling steps if required.
I hope these notes will aid you in fitting your new Bracelet to your wrist or ankle.