Our passion is to create interesting, high-quality, exotic products that perform while tasting good. Celluvation was developed because there was nothing in the marketplace like it.  After introducing this product to people who are generally concerned about their own aging process, we are excited to share not our, but rather their, experiences with the Celluvation Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals.


At my annual physical my Doctor could found that my heart murmer is gone. My test results pointed to a person 10 years younger than my age.  She is now taking Celluvation.

 - Linda M., Saint Lucie, FL, 2018


There are many ways to evaluate how a product is performing. We don't always feel or see results right away, but Celluvation is different. That is why I'm sharing information about Celluvation.

I'm always interested in products that help patients and me at a cellular level, especially with hydration. When we are properly hydrated every function in our body performs better. Drinking good water is one thing but getting the water into the cell is the tricky part.

It appears the developer of Celluvation has combined the best of chemistry and physics to accomplish this essential task.

At 63 years young, I had only recently noticed my wedding ring was tight and had considered resizing. Within three days of drinking Chiamaka, my wedding ring fit perfectly again. The fluid levels from inside my cells and outside my cells had become balanced and the "bloat" disappeared.

I recently went for a facial and my esthetician remarked, "Your skin is so plump, soft, and healthy; what have you changed?” I replied, "Celluvation." It tastes great, is affordable, and is easy to use. - Sharon Lee R., NJ, 2016

“Celluvation Crystals have changed my life. Before taking Celluvation Crystals, I would look in the mirror and didn't recognize the person I was becoming because my neck, chest, and face were wrinkling and I looked tired. I really started feeling depressed about it. When I started taking Celluvation Crystals, I saw a difference in one week. The wrinkly skin on my chest and neck went away completely. I had energy. I wasn't exhausted and my appetite was suppressed. It helped me achieve my ideal weight I was a size 4 and within three weeks I was down to a size 2. I have been on Celluvation Crystals now for seven weeks. My gray hair is going away. The wrinkles on my face are going away and are almost gone. My eyelashes are fuller and longer. My hair feels and looks great and I have plenty of energy. I feel like I'm 20 years younger. My self-confidence is back because my face looks young and youthful and I feel amazing! I like this product so much that I give it to my children. I highly recommend this product!” - Deana H., San Diego, CA 2016

“I have been using Celluvation Crystals for less than a month and already have lost more than 12 lbs. I don't have the major sugar cravings I used to. I'm drinking more water than I ever had before and my energy level is up; my friends say I look great and ask all the time what I'm doing!! Thank you so much for this product. You definitely have a fan here!!!” - Jeff S., Escondido, CA 2016

"I fell about a year and a half ago and broke my knee and arm. It took me a year to recover from the fall. I lost all my confidence in walking and driving. After taking the product for three months now, I have all my confidence back. I am walking without fear again. I am also driving again, even at night. Two days ago, I was mopping the floor for two hours! That is a very big deal for me, I am 86 years old!" - Juliet C., Monterey Park, CA 2016

“Before I started using Celluvation Crystals, I had no energy and was always tired and I wasn't able to sleep through the night. Now I feel younger and refreshed and I've lost 20 pounds and counting. It also reduced my appetite and I'm drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. My chest is less wrinkly and my puffy eyes and dark circles have gone down. I even got carded twice, I will be 60 this year and feeling awesome! Oh, the best thing is I don't crave sugar. My doctor will be happy about this since I was in the pre-diabetic range.” - Sue J., Escondido, CA 2016

“I have been taking Celluvation Crystals for four weeks. I have not had as much of an appetite and have lost eight pounds. Also, I have been growing more hair on the top of my head where I have had none for the last 19 years. Finally, my beard that is all white has started getting some dark hair in it. This product is amazing and I can hardly wait for more good things to come! Thank you!” - Bryan H., Poway, CA 2016

"I have been in a severely depressed state for some time now. After a few days on the product, my depression has lifted and I feel really good now. I am totally out of the state of mind I was in. I feel much more optimistic and happy now." - John A., Las Vegas, NV 2016

"I live in a very noisy neighborhood and I used to have a very hard time falling asleep and sleeping through the night, due to all the noise all night long. After being on the product for only three days now, I can fall asleep and sleep through the whole night and I now wake up feeling refreshed and rested." - Brenda W., Las Vegas, NV 2015

"I lost my husband several years ago, and I went into a deep depression and was really out of it, I was sort of in a catatonic state of mind. I really had no desire to do anything except just sit in my chair all day. After being on the product for two months now, I am back on the computer. I am going back out to restaurants now to treat myself to meals out. My family has seen a major turnaround in me. I am 82 years old. I recently went in for a checkup and I have a heart condition and I was on a blood thinner, due to all the blood clots I have. My check-up was two weeks ago. My doctor could not believe it. He told me all of my blood clots are gone and he took me off the blood thinner." - Kay M., O.C., CA 2015

"I used to have very low energy. It was normal for me to take naps all day. I was out of breath. I had a difficult time speaking. Now, I feel full of energy, life, vitality! I wake up early, full of energy. I do not need to take naps during the day anymore. I just drink the product! My sleep at night is also deeper and more restful. For me, this is better than coffee." - Bob G., Las Vegas, NV 2015

"This decidedly dazzling and thirst-quenching product dances in your mouth long after your sip has passed your lips. Get ready for gulps of goodness for your mind, body, and soul. A level of invigorating deliciousness to aid in your hydration and make you smile. It is happiness in your body." - Barbara H., Idyllwild, CA 2015

"I so totally LOVE this product. This is a true breakthrough in technology. The closest I have come to this is the glacial milk from Mt. Rainier I drank a few years ago. I feel this product has an overall beneficial effect on the whole body system and the electromagnetic energy field in the physical and etheric body. There is definitely an alignment that takes place on a molecular level that elevates one’s energy. I can’t get enough of this special product." - Jonathan F., Scottsdale, AZ 2015

"I LOVE IT! I just drank my third bottle, and every time I feel great! I am full of energy! I am smiling, I am thinking clearly, and talking with great flow... I highly recommend it!" - Doron, Los Angeles, CA 2015

"Game changer! This is incredibly therapeutic... I drank my first glass of the crystals and it enhanced my sleep quality that very night!...Not to mention the additional clarity in thought I noticed. Gem of a product. Enjoy it for yourself!" - Ryan C., Los Angeles, CA 2015

"Powerful! This product elevated my mood nearly INSTANTLY. I'm five months pregnant and I'm pretty sure our little girl somersaulted in my tummy as a result of my drinking it. LOL. Drink up and live a more vibrant life!" - Erica, Los Angeles, CA 2015

"The real deal! I bought our first jar, not expecting much, but wow! Absolutely amazing!!!! We want more!" - Owen M. and family, Los Angeles, CA 2015

"I started to feel better and my energy level increased after my fourth glass of this beautiful supplement. I sleep much better now and my acid reflux is almost gone now too." - Ilie C., Orange County, CA 2015

"I have been drinking the product daily and I can already feel the difference in my knees, and I cannot wait to see what else happens within the seven-day period!" - Duncan B., Las Vegas, NV 2016

“I have been drinking this product for four weeks now and I have to report that my legs feel stronger and my bladder can hold more urine. I can sleep through the night without having to get up to go to the bathroom, and I have more energy.” - Marandah R., Stockton, CA 2015