We all know that we are mostly water and that 60% of body weight is water.


Water is lost everyday form our body (via sweat, breathing and when we go to the toilet) and if we do not drink enough, we become dehydrated.

Most of us do not drink until we feel thirsty. We have signals that are sent from within our brains (known as the lamina terminalis) that talk to our intra thoracic baroreceptors via the hindbrain that tells us we are thirsty.  When we feel thirsty, we are already 1% dehydrated.


Water is needed by our body to:


Water is both inside our cells (known as intracellular) and outside our cells (extracellular, which baths our cells and our blood) and when we lose water it is form both types of water.

Extracellular water accounts for 1/3 of our total body water and is important for the movement of electrolytes (salts), allows for delivery of oxygen to our cells and clears waste.

Intracellular water is the other 2/3 found inside our cells and is important for transportation of molecules and energy production.



If you have excess extracellular water – it is an indication of health risks.

These include:



Yes! Increased intracellular water can signal healthy changes! Increased Intracellular water is seen with

The overall effect is you become younger, leaner and healthier!


Water can be found in food and drinks and of course as pure water! Did you know that our body can survive for up to 50 days with no food but only a few days without water?




When we are 1% dehydrated, we see the following symptoms:




The amount is dependent on what we are doing. On average:





12 hours later after taking Celluvation hydration crystals and drinking 2 litres of water



One month after taking Celluvation hydration crystals and drinking 2 litres of water per day



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The Science behind Our Products

The most common question asked is: What is in it? The better question would be: What chemistry ingredients are in it? This is what people are really asking. However, this has very little to do with why the product works.


Three sciences, combined into this product, make it work:

1. Chemistry

2. Physics

3. Information Sciences


The real question to ask is: What ingredients from chemistry, physics, and information sciences are in the product? The reason most people do not know to ask the question in this format is that doing so is very new to most people. Nothing stated here has been proven; it is 100% theory, but not for long. We are beginning to gather a great deal of hard, scientific, results-driven data.


There are many accepted existing theories. We cannot change matter, but we can change the way it behaves. Again, yes, we are feely admitting this is 100% theory, no proof. No scientific data at this time back it up. However, many people are getting great results with the product. So, let's get back to the chemistry: The chemistry ingredients in the product are baobab fruit (organic), rooibos (organic), acerola cherry (organic), silica from bamboo (organic), silica from horsetail extract equisetum arvense plant (organic), L-proline, L-lysine HCL, glycine, ascorbic acid, and Himalayan salt.

These ingredients are really good for youth regeneration; however, to us, they form the base upon which we are building. These unique combinations of ingredients were chosen for a variety of reasons; for example, they are super fruits from South Africa sourced from organic, non-GMO crops. Also, they are excellent for youth regeneration, and they have unique mineral profiles because of the soil they grow in. We build this supplement using the chemistry or physical ingredients. Then we move to steps 2 and 3, which involve the physics and information sciences and apply them to the chemistry of our products. 

We live in a hydrogen life cycle. The sun is a hydrogen furnace that sends hydrogen energy to Earth. Hydrogen is what allows plants to grow. We eat the plants and our body extracts the hydrogen energy from them. Our body goes through an extremely complicated time-consuming process to extract the hydrogen from the foods we eat.

In 1937, Albert Szent-Györgyi won a Nobel Prize for his research on the benefits of hydrogen. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Albert Szent-Györgyi Lecture


Szent-Györgyi demonstrated that the benefits of hydrogen are significant. However, the problem is that hydrogen is difficult to stabilize since it has an atomic weight of one proton, one electron, and one neutron. Hydrogen is number one on the periodic table, which means it is the lightest element on the periodic table. Hence, it is difficult to stabilize something that light in any product. Scientists from around the world know this and are trying to stabilize it, but so far have not succeeded.


Luckily for us, we have two other fields of science to draw on to solve this difficult problem of delivering the benefits of hydrogen to us. Using physics and computer science, we can extract the essence of hydrogen and turn it into an algorithm (unique frequency wave form signature). Once in the computer, we can enhance that and, using the power of physics, make matter; in our case, rooibos behaves differently, that is, like hydrogen. You would have to be experienced in sub-space matter to understand exactly how this works. That being said, Celluvation is generating results that support our customers with positive experiences and enhancements in their life.

In short, what we are doing is adding harmonic ingredients (physics and information science) to chemistry ingredients. This makes total sense to a computer programmer. However, if you are a chemist, unfortunately, you will have difficulty following this because it has very little to do with chemistry. Computer science is all about multi-tasking and getting the most efficient code to do the maximum amount of work in the fastest amount of time, with the most extreme results that we can generate to get a very specific job done. This is basically a results-driven approach. We seek to find out what end results we want to achieve and begin the process from there. This is commonly known today as "bio-hacking."

Our Cellular Rejuvenation Crystals are really just a concentrate. Each jar has two sets of ingredients, chemistry ingredients and harmonic ingredients. As soon as you add one gram of the crystals to 8 oz. of water, the water immediately shifts to the harmonic ingredient or frequency of hydrogen. Again, there is no physical or chemistry hydrogen in our product. It is 100% frequency hydrogen!

If you see or use a product on the market claiming to have or use hydrogen, know that the challenge with chemistry hydrogen deliverance to the body is that there is no way to stabilize it. Once you do get it into the body, much of it is lost. However, with the frequency of hydrogen, you get 100% of it in an extremely efficient, fast, economical, and easy-to-use way!

How can Celluvation improve your heart rate? 

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the mathematical analysis of the time between each heartbeat, providing indicators of the autonomic nervous system activity. This happens to be the gold standard on estimating your stress level. We did a test to show the HRV before drinking the Celluvation crystals and then after.  We had a test subject drink the supplement consistently for seven days.


The test subject’s heart rate dropped from 81 to 72 and the subject’s longevity reading (SDNN) increased from 33.5 to 44.0, an increase of 24%!  At the same time, the heart rate indicators showed that the heart rate after taking Celluvation decreased. Also, the SDNN, a reflection of autonomic nervous system activity, increased (the higher the number, the better.)


June 10, 2015


June 23, 2015


Bio Energetic Assesment




Additional Science Perspective:

Why do people need energy? Most people would answer, “If I have plenty of energy, I’ll feel good and feel like doing things.”


For most of us, energy means a feeling of vitality that lets us work and play for long periods of time. A lack of energy causes us to slow down our activities and retreat from life. As humans, busy parents, and frantic working adults, we are constantly seeking a way to increase our energy. Too many of us, including some health professionals, don’t understand the true source of our own energy. Health-oriented physicists, however, will tell you that energy is supplied to people, plants, and animals from the atmosphere and the Earth.

Life on Earth is supported by the atmosphere, solar energy, and our planet’s magnetic fields. Together, solar energy and the Earth’s electromagnetic energies are transferred or absorbed by living entities like plants and insects, which are then transferred into the bodies of the people and the animals that eat them. People, thus, get energy from the Earth’s magnetic fields, the Earth’s atmosphere, and the plants and animals they eat. The invisible energy sources that power humans come from all around us ‒ indeed, from the sun and Mother Earth herself. So why, if electromagnetic support is all around us, don’t we have enough energy? We are running low on gauss (the measure for magnetic fields). A core of molten metals more than 1,800 miles below the earth’s surface plays a role in the creation of the magnetic field on the surface of the earth. Jeremy Bloxham with the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University has reported a decrease of around 10% in the earth’s magnetic field over the last 150 years.

Other research cites projections that the Earth’s magnetic field has steadily weakened over the last 4,000 years. This isn’t surprising since the Earth’s core is cooling, and a change in the magnetic field could naturally result. Estimates show that the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field 4,000 years ago was approximately 2.5 gauss. Today, it is approximately .5 gauss. That’s an 80% decrease (Japanese Medical Journal 75: No. 0745).

To make the situation worse, numerous appliances in use interrupt or override the electromagnetic frequencies needed for energy support in our brain and body cells. Most homes, businesses, and communities are amply stocked with these “energy vampires.” Common appliances like computers, microwave ovens, televisions, cell phones, fluorescent lights, digital electrical devices, smart meters, and high-powered electrical lines are typical energy vampires. These energy vampires are not likely to go away soon.

People have a critical need for energy to fuel and operate their brains. Specialized cells in the brain called "astrocytes" actually generate electricity. The center of an astrocyte literally radiates with starburst-like extensions. These astrocytes metabolically support neurons in the central nervous system and the brain. The cells in the body are constantly demanding the energy in these astrocytes.

Why is this important to know? Because one of the major suppliers of energy to the brain is “running low on gauss.” Your brain and body cells constantly demand energy from external sources to get that supply of the Earth’s magnetic field and the energy from food. Why? To achieve something we call magnetic resonance. When the magnetic frequencies of organs and body tissues are in harmony with the magnetic frequencies in the brain, magnetic resonance is the result. Magnetic resonance is a normal occurrence achieved during periods of sleep. During those brief periods, the body’s ability to repair itself, create enzymes, and increase the immune function is enhanced.

The emerging field of health physics is constantly discovering new critical functions related to magnetic resonance. The study and discoveries of quantum health physics may indeed revolutionize the healing arts (Proc. National Academic Science 00:97:6242) (FASEB J 92: Abstract 2433) (Science Week 00: Vol.4) (357).

One of the most revolutionary devices developed in the last few years is called the Celluvation Supplement Product Line. It combines homeopathy or energy medicine and physics. Our supplement line contains an ingenious bit of future technology that boosts the various electromagnetic frequency levels of organs and body tissues in people, animals, plants, and liquids. Because living organisms are water-based, they readily “absorb” the electromagnetic support frequencies offered by the Celluvation Product Line. Water has an amazing memory for frequency and can carry 400,000 levels of information. Liquids and foods, when energized by our proprietary process and then ingested, will transfer the frequencies into the body.

You may already be familiar with water memory. Have you ever left aromatic foods like onions or garlic uncovered in the refrigerator? If an open container of water was in the vicinity, that water absorbed the food odors, and you could smell and taste the transfer of those food odors when you drank the water. Water will also absorb electromagnetic frequencies. Just as water absorbs odors, it can also absorb the same electromagnetic energy frequencies your body uses. When drinking Celluvation Supplements, you are transferring the frequencies to the body with energy. The Celluvation Product Line is a convenient way to supplement the body’s electromagnetic energy needs.

Common sense indicates that plants and insects, which draw electromagnetic energy directly from the Earth, would be the first organisms affected by electromagnetic deficiencies. When the plants and insects that feed on higher life forms are energy deficient, the higher life forms that feed upon them become more deficient in bioenergy. Once this energy-deficient cascade begins, one change will cause another. The cause-and-effect process that begins with the cascade of depleted wellness is obvious to even the most casual observer. Asthma has increased by up to 14% annually; diabetes is at an all-time high. Cancer and heart disease are the top two dreaded killer diseases. Autoimmune disorders, allergies, and infertility have spawned entirely new sub-divisions of medicine.


Retirement homes and nursing homes are filled with an aging population heavily dependent on medications and a life quality most of us would not choose. Some of the reasons for longevity are obvious: better awareness of sanitation, access to potable water, availability of medical support during emergencies, appropriate housing, access to food and food supplements, and the ability to live in a relatively non-hostile environment.


What we haven’t achieved is longevity coupled with greater life quality for the masses, conceivably into the 80s, 90s, and even 100 plus life spans. One of the best opportunities to increase the quality of life at any stage of life is bioenergy.

Our Products Interact with the Fundamental Forces of Nature.

Four  fundamental forces with rather different properties have been identified in our present universe.


Properties of the Fundamental Forces

  1. The strong interaction is very strong, but very short-ranged. It acts only over a range of 10-13. It is responsible for holding the nuclei of atoms together. It is basically attractive, but can be effectively repulsive in some circumstances.
  2. The electromagnetic force causes electric and magnetic effects like repulsion between like electrical charges or the interaction of bar magnets. It is long-ranged, but much weaker than the strong force. It can be attractive or repulsive and acts only between pieces of matter carrying an electrical charge.
  3. The weak force is responsible for radioactive decay and neutrino interactions. It has a very short range and, as its name indicates, is very weak.
  4. The gravitational force is weak, but very long-ranged. It is always attractive and acts between any two pieces of matter in the universe since mass is its source.

For the Tortoise and the Hare: Gravity Always Wins

These four fundamental forces play central roles in making the universe what it is today, but for the large-scale issues of interest to cosmology, the gravitational force is most important. Two of its basic properties set the gravitational force apart from the other forces: (1) It is long-ranged and thus can act over cosmological distances and (2) it always produces an attractive force between any two pieces of matter in the universe.

Thus, although the gravitational force is extremely weak, it wins over cosmological distances and thus is the most important force for understanding the large-scale structure and evolution of the universe.

Unification of the Forces of Nature

Although the fundamental forces in our present universe are distinct with very different characteristics, the current thinking in theoretical physics is that this circumstance was not always so. There is a rather strong belief (although yet to be confirmed experimentally) that in the very early universe when temperatures were very high compared with today’s, the weak, electromagnetic, and strong forces became unified into a single force. Only when the temperature dropped did these forces separate. The strong force separated first and then, at a still lower temperature, the electromagnetic and weak forces separated to leave us with the four distinct forces we see in our present universe.

The process of these forces separating from each other is called spontaneous symmetry breaking.

There is further speculation, even less firm, that at even higher temperatures (see the Planck scale below) all four forces unified into a single force. As the temperature dropped again, the gravitational force separated first and then the other three forces separated as described above.

The time and temperature scales for this presumed sequential loss of unification are shown in the following table:

Loss of Unity in the Forces of Nature


Forces Unified

Time Since Beginning

Temperature (GeV)*

All four forces unified

Gravity, Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak



Gravity separates (Planck scale)

Strong, Electromagnetic, Weak

10-43 s


Strong force separates (GUTs scale)

Electromagnetic, Weak

10-35 s


Split between weak and electromagnetic forces


10-11 s


Present universe


1010 y


*Temperature Conversion: 1 GeV = 1.2 x 1013 K

The theories that postulate the unification of these strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces are the grand unified theories (often known as GUTs).

The theories that add gravity to the mix and try to unify all four fundamental forces into a single force are the superunified theories.


The theory that describes the unified electromagnetic and weak interactions is standard electroweak theory, or sometimes just the standard model.

The grand unified and superunified theories remain theoretical speculations as yet unproven, but there is strong experimental evidence for the unification of the electromagnetic and weak interactions in the standard electroweak theory. Although GUTs are not proven experimentally, strong circumstantial evidence suggests that a theory like a grand unified theory is required to make complete sense of the universe. 

As we imagine extrapolating the history of the universe backward in time, the big bang theory tells us that the universe becomes denser and hotter, and the relevant distance scales become shorter and shorter.


The Planck Scale

However, we have already seen that if the distance scales become short enough (of atomic dimensions or smaller), the theory of quantum mechanics must be used. Therefore, as we extrapolate back in time to the beginning of the universe, eventually we would reach a state of sufficient temperature and density that a full quantum mechanics theory of gravitation would be required. This is called the Planck era, and the corresponding scales of distance, energy, and time are called the Planck scale.

The Planck Scale



Planck Mass

1.2 x 1019 GeV/c2

Planck Length

1.6 x 10-33 cm

Planck Time

5.4 x 10-44 s

Planck Temperature

1.4 x 1032 K

The Planck scale corresponds to incredibly small distances (or equivalently, incredibly large energies). The corresponding lengths, energies, temperatures, and times are displayed in the table (the unit GeV stands for 1 billion electron volts of energy).

Quantum Gravitation

The general theory of relativity does not respect the principles of quantum mechanics. What is required then is a theory of gravitation that also is consistent with quantum mechanics. This can be termed a theory of quantum gravitation. Unfortunately, no one has yet understood how to accomplish this very difficult task, and we do not yet have an internally consistent theory of quantum gravity. The most promising present alternative is called superstring theory, but it is not yet clear whether this theory can provide a correct picture of quantum gravitation.

The Breakdown of Our Current Laws of Physics


Therefore, since we do not yet have a consistent wedding of general relativity to quantum mechanics, the presently understood laws of physics may be expected to break down on the Planck scale, and our standard picture of inflation followed by the big bang says nothing about the universe at those very early times (which would precede inflation). In this respect, we are absolutely certain that our present laws of physics are not complete. However, the Planck scale is so incredibly small that it presumably only has meaning in the initial instants of the creation of the universe. We, for example, have no hope of conducting experiments to test the Planck scale in any present or conceivable future experiment.