Before you join, please add to your email list as a friend, etc...

Since we are a MLM Network Marketing Company, some email filter systems will filter your Welcome to CELLUVATION! email, and might put it in your SPAM folder.

If after you join, you do not see your Welcome email, please search your SPAM folder.

During the Enrollment Processes, you will go through several screens. Click Join (Sign-Up Wholesale) from the home page or the person that referred you. You will need to know the Username of the person that referred you in order to enroll.

6 Easy Steps to Join!

 Step 1. Sign-Up 

Join/Signup (New User)

Create UserName: Minimum 6 characters , maximum 14 characters

Step 2. Details Page:

Name, Address info, etc...


Step 3. Shopping Cart Page:

Product / QEB (Quality Enroller Bonus) Selection

During Enrollment is the only time you will be able to see and select the QEB Package options.

If you would like to be part of the QEB Program, you are required to purchase a QEB within 30 days of joining. What you order here will be shipped out today. 


Step 4. Autoship:

Select what items you would like for your Autoship. This will processes on 30 days from your Join Date. Your Autoship date is always on the day you join. We are not able to change this day.

You can go into your back office and change/update your autoship products at anytime.


Step 5. Summary:

This is where you double check your order.

Also, please note, all of our shipping is in the process of being tranisitoned over to a logisitics company.

You are not able to request product exchanges in the Notes area on checkout. Order fullfilment is done by Item Code. Whatever the Item Code is on your order, is what will be shipped. The shipping department will not see what you wrote in the Notes area.


Step 6. Payment:

Once you make your payment, you will receive a Welcome to CELLUVATION email immediately, if you do not receive it, please check your SPAM folder. It will have all of your account details in it.

Lessons in Missing the Point - Part 1

Lessons in Missing the Point - Part 1