CHIAMAKA is an infoceutical (information science) product. This means it is more about information science than chemistry. 


CHIAMAKA comes in a (1.23 OUNCE)(35 GRAM) jar. Mix 1/3 tsp (1 GRAM) (1 scoop) in 8 fl. oz. of water. The crystals activate when mixed with water. Drink immediately. 35 (1 gram) servings per jar. Makes 8 fl. oz. prepared. We recommend taking one serving per day.


If you took one serving per day, the 35 GRAM jar is approximately 35 days of one serving per day.

The crystals activate upon contact with liquid; therefore, once you add them to water, drink the mixture immediately.


Ideally, it is best to add CHIAMAKA to room-temperature water because your system can assimilate room temperature water in the most efficient way.


We recommend mix 1 scoop of the BRAIN product with 1 scoop of the Energy Advantage product together into one 8 fl. oz of water in the morning.


Take the Hair, Skin and Nails product just before bed.