Instructions on how to set-up Payment Type for your Subscription Service (Autoship)

You want to LOGIN your Member's Lounge (Back Office)

Click on the Finances link.

Then click on Payment Types.

You will see Add new payment type:

Select Credit Card from the drop down box / list.

Add your Credit Card info.


The next step you want to do, is now click Tools & Settings.

Then click on Autoship.

Set your Autoship Pay Method to:

Personal Account, Autoship payment to come out of your personal account first if there are sufficient funds.

If there are enough funds in your Member's Lounge (Back Office) Personal Funds (Commissions), the system will process your Subscription Service (Autoship) from your Personal Funds first if there are enough funds to cover the full amount.

In case, there are not enough funds, the system will then default to your Credit Card.

You want to make sure you have this setting set to Personal Account, because you want your Subscription Service to process first from your Personal Funds.

The system does not do split payments. For example, take part of the funds from the Personal Account, then the balance from the Credit Card. There has to be enough funds in the Personal Account to fully cover the Subscription Service (Autoship). If there are not enough funds, it will then default to your Credit Card.

Once you select the Personal Account radio button, make sure you then press the Update autoship pay method.


Gift Certificates
You can email friends and family Gift Certificates, which can been redeemed for anything from Celluvation.
You can use your Personal Account funds to email Gift Certificates to anyone!
Once they receive your Gift Certificate email, they can use it to redeem anything from Celluvation.
To create a Gift Certificate, just log-in your Member's Lounge / Back Office, you will see a link called Gift Certificates, then click on Create New.