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It has always been a passion of mine to find interesting, high-quality, exotic products. I have spent years traveling the world, exploring and searching for the best and most unique ingredients to source to create this revolutionary, quantum biological, wave-frequency product! In all these years of exploration, I have had the good fortune to meet a number of specialists from many different fields, including health, nutrition, chemistry, physics, and computer science. After assimilating my findings, I realized the only path that could manifest what I truly wanted…was to create Celluvation! I was not able to find a company offering the kind of products I was looking for… So, I took matters into my own hands and went forward to develop a supplement which performs as I desire… and is a new revolutionary category creator, Celluvation, a true first-of-its-kind new unique product! We are all in this together! My hope is that Celluvation will create life-long pathways to feeling good for everyone who chooses to join the team!

Jos Daniel

Jos has had an extensive career in computer science in the industry of original animation, Hollywood. It was there that he discovered intricate possibilities that led to the development of his unique approach to imprinting and essential data storage. Jos received a BA in business management from St. Francis University. However, it was his education in computer systems design and its practical and esthetic applications in the entertainment industry that has most contributed to the visionary development of his company, Celluvation, and a line of products so unique as to defy typical categorization.


Ten years ago, Jos began applying the ideas of computer science to water to see if it could be programmed to give him more energy. Jos wanted more energy, but coffee and energy drinks were not doing the trick, nor were they healthy for his body. It was then that he began searching for something else, perhaps natural herbs or botanicals. His extensive research began and his fascination followed as he began to dig deeper into the well of understanding around water. As with any intelligent inventor, ideas led to experiments, exploring the possibility of applying the ideas of computer science to water to program it to give him more energy. What he discovered has led Jos to one of the first information products of its time. His curiosity paid off as he continued studying, exploring, and evolving this proprietary protocol on water.


Jos has created products, built multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, and continues his pursuit of the best delivery method to support people from the inside out. Below is a reference from Celluvation's strategic partner Dennis Wilson, founder of Internet NextStep, who worked with Jos on one of his previous MLM companies.


"Jos has a proven track record in getting a network marketing company growing quickly and strongly. Couple that with the outstanding product knowledge and formulations he possesses, with the right management team and partners, he could build a company that is unstoppable! As software providers, we see all types of dreamers and doers come and go. Jos falls firmly under the DOER category. Earnings of under $10,000 a month for the first few months are very common in networking as the business is based on leverage and geometric growth by word-of-mouth. We have many corporate clients whose distributors stay under $10,000 a month almost forever, before giving up on their dreams as they never find a way to spark the network.


In the past, Jos has performed with stellar results, the slow growth to $10,000 happening within three months, then seeing monthly growth of 100%, and even higher, before running into some show-stopper business realities not related to his personal capabilities in the team building and sales areas. If Jos had had a proper management team behind him, my experience tells me that he would have easily hit $1,000,000 in monthly sales within 12 months of company inception. We have seen more than 375 MLM companies start on our platform, and Jos and his abilities are definitely in the top 10 of all our clients of ALL time in all countries.


We are excited he is coming back to the industry after regrouping and are proud to help him on his journey once again! Sincerely, Dennis Wilson”


Celluvation comprises a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurial distributors and strategic alliances. Our partners are the lifeblood of our vision. We will continually strive to attract and work with only partners who have the highest level of integrity, transparency, and stellar reputation. Celluvation's goal is to be a superior brand and a stellar MLM company that brings a new vision of health and well-being to the world. We are in the pre-launch phase of building our company and are seeking reliable and supportive alliances in the areas of management, operations, distributor training, and accounting.


We are super excited about what the future holds for us as a company!