International Orders

All orders that have a shipping address outside of the USA, EU and Australia, must be at least great than $180 to get our discounted international shipping rate. If you order is less than $180, you can pay the additional international shipping rate if you wish.


Russia Shipping

Please set an account up at:

or any other freight forwarding company for orders shipping to Russia.


If you live in the USA, EU, or Australia, this does not apply to you, since we have warehouses in the USA, EU and Australia.

We use DHL for international shipping. On average, each international shipment cost approximately $100 for international shipping. Once you place your order for less than $180. We will calculate what your shipping cost will be, let you know, if you approve it, we will then ship it. If not we will refund your credit card.

For example, if you want 1 Jar of YOUTH shipped to you, on average that would cost $50 distributor cost +$100 shipping = $150 total.

Also, most countries have a freight forwarding service. For example, alll the order that go to the Ukraine, even if it is 1 Jar of YOUTH, they get the reduced international shipping rate, because they all have their orders go to an address in the USA, that info is below. All you have to do is sign-up with a freight forwarding company that works with your country.

Please note all orders shipping to the Ukraine must have an EasyXpress shipping account. Please put that info in your shipping address field. If you do not have an EasyXpress, we can still ship to you, but you will be charged an additional international shipping fee.

Also, if you would like to open up a new country and you are interested in being the warehouse for the new country, please let us know! If you store the product in your country, then we would ship for your warehouse, thus reducing the shipping cost greatly, since it would not have to ship each jar all the way from the USA at an expensive shipping rate.

Address format:

Full Name: First Name Last Name
Address Line 1: 26A Parkway Cir
Address Line 2: CO EasyXpress (Then Account # Here)
City: New Castle
State: Delaware
ZIP: 19720-4077
Phone: 15555551212

26A Parkway Cir

New Castle DE 19720-4077