We recommend everyone start out with the YOUTH product, that is the base foundation of the Energetic System of Products. Take YOUTH in the Morning (AM) for approximately two weeks. This will give your body time to detox and adjust to the very powerful frequency technology. The product works more powerful if you add it to hot water. Do not use microwave oven hot water. Microwaves are very destructive to your health.

You will go though some adjustments, you may get a deep headache, some insomnia, maybe detoxing though your skin, etc... This is all temporary.

After two weeks, switch to taking the product in the evening (PM), before you go to bed. The product will work while you are sleeping. This is the time when you body generates hormones that assist in anti-aging.

Celluvation is an infoceutical (information science) product. This means it is more about information science than chemistry.

Celluvation comes in a (1.06 OUNCE)(30 GRAM) jar. Mix 1/3 tsp (1 GRAM) (8/10ths of a scoop) in 8 fl. oz. of water. The crystals activate when mixed with water. Drink immediately. 30 (1 gram) servings per jar. Makes 8 fl. oz. prepared. We recommend taking one serving per day.

If you took one serving per day, the 30 GRAM jar is approximately 30 days of one serving per day.

The crystals activate upon contact with liquid; therefore, once you add them to water, drink the mixture immediately.

Ideally, it is best to add Celluvation to room-temperature or even better warm water because your system can assimilate room temperature water in the most efficient way.

The crystals can be taken in any beverage and at any temperature. The only exception to this is not to add the crystals to antyhing that has been heated in a microwave oven. Also, do not put the crystals into anything that then gets heated in a microwave oven.

We recommend for the first two weeks, take theYOUTH product in the morning, then approximately after two weeks, once your body has adapted to the YOUTH product and you are finished detoxing, switch to taking YOUTH in warm water right before you go to sleep. Then we recommend that you take the BRAIN first thing in the morning, then ENERGY in the afternoon.

Since YOUTH is a very powerful energy product, some people take YOUTH first thing in the morning for a couple of weeks, so their system can get used to it and detox, then after a couple of weeks, they switch to taking YOUTH in the evening in warm water

Points about taking Celluvation

It is optimal to take the YOUTH product on an empty stomach even if you wait 15-20 minutes to eat. You may want to start with a ½ capful for a few days and then increase to a full capful after a few days if you are not feeling a detox. Some people can go through a detox, everyone is different e.g. sleeplessness, rash, headache, achy, etc. If so, back off to ½ or ¼ capful for several days for a week, longer if needed. Take a picture if possible of your face so you can compare with before and after pictures. Notice any subtleties or more extreme changes, more energy, synchronicities, etc. Some people experience noticeable changes quickly, others take longer, some experience an overall general better feeling.

I encourage you to share feedback of what you or you are experiencing with the Celluvation products.

Everyone is different in what they are noticing. Some are subtleties such as not as much hair falling out, not as many aches and pains, more hydration in skin, glowing skin, improvement of migraines, deeper sleep, remembering dreams, more youthful looking skin, less bladder leakage, improvement of ringing in ears, improvement of plantar fasciitis, more overall energy with less peaks and valleys, less hangovers (due to the hydration in the product), thicker hair, stronger nails, etc.

Again, everyone is different in what they are noticing. Please remember some of what you are experiencing may be subtleties such as not as much hair falling out, not as many aches and pains, more hydration in skin, slight glow of skin, less bladder leakage, not as many peaks and valleys of energy, etc.


For best results we recommend that you use the YOUTH product and the BRAIN product each at least once a day. The feedback we are receiving is that when people are using the YOUTH at least once a day and the BRAIN at least once a day, they are getting faster results on over all whole body cellular regeneration, from the tightening of the skin, new thicker hair, collagen, elastane, etc...

IMPORTANT: These products work from the inside out. In order to receive the highest and best experience, it is recommended you consume on a regular basis and commit to at least 3 months. Some people see/feel results immediately, others it takes months. These are cumulative products and will continue to work on what your body needs (either inside and/or out).

Here is what 1 gram in a scoop looks like. It is approx 8/10ths of 1 scoop