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For best results we recommend that you use the YOUTH product and the BRAIN product each at least once a day. The feedback we are receiving is that when people are using the YOUTH at least once a day and the BRAIN at least once a day, they are getting faster results on over all whole body cellular regeneration, from the tightening of the skin, new thicker hair, collagen, elastane, etc...  

The name of the Skin, Hair, & Nails product has been changed to: YOUTH

YOUTH is the exact same product as Skin, Hair, & Nails, it is just a new name for the product.

Our Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals are a carefully blended energized powder that is the first product created with a quantum biological wave-force digital frequency! Our crystals are formulated to generate greater cellular hydration, which has many positive health benefits including stimulating successive, rapid, and healthier cell growth in the human body.

As we age, our own aesthetics become increasingly important to many of us. We want to look good, but we want to feel good too.

  • What if you could slow down the aging process, maintain a youthful appearance, and decrease inflammation?                                                                
  • What if you could do this with an easy-to-use, all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO supplement that doesn't cost a fortune

NOW you can ‒ with CHIAMAKA, a revolutionary new product that hydrates and rejuvenates your body from the INSIDE OUT!

The technology in CHIAMAKA Cellular Rejuvenation Beauty Crystals was originally designed for infusion in bottled water. As we know, water is an excellent conduit to carry multiple levels of information to the human body (made up of 65% water) and our cells will readily accept this quantum biological wave-force digital frequency (aka information). 

What does that mean?


In the old days, we listened to records, but now we can stream music via mp3s, which offer a more efficient delivery method for music.  CHIAMAKA is similar because it is digitally imprinted with the frequency of hydrogen.  You see, chemistry-speaking, hydrogen is very difficult to deliver into our bodies. CHIAMAKA’s founder came up with an easier solution to deliver the frequency of hydrogen that is digital and more effective.  Hydrogen is the key to creating this powerful anti-aging supplement which assists the body in reversing the ravages of time on our cells.  Hydrogen is known to have many powerful antioxidant properties, which is why CHIAMAKA users have noticed a healthier glow, firmer skin, reduction of wrinkles, and shinier, thicker hair, which can be the result of an increase of collagen and elastin within the body.  

Now people everywhere can conveniently enjoy the benefits of this remarkable infused technology in our unique blend of crystals. Our product is made with a mixture that includes baobab fruit and nuts and rooibos tea from the ancient mineral-rich soil of South Africa! These ingredients have been used by the indigenous people there for centuries.  The other ingredients are organic acerola cherry, organic silica from bamboo, silica from organic horsetail extract equisetum arvense plant, L-proline, L-lysine HCL, glycine, ascorbic acid, and Himalayan salt.



Elevated Artisans are members of a unique group of entrepreneurial visionaries who have created the new paradigm in energetic technologies used for better cellular health, "youthening," and well-being to enhance life's adventures to the fullest. We are continually growing, learning, and exploring.

Our mission is to be of service to others.