When you are either making a purchase or Joining/Signing Up, on the 2nd page

called Details, if you see above you will know you are on the Details page, because as you can see above, you will be on the Details step. This graphic above is called 6 Simple Steps to Sign Up!


Step 1. Signup

Step 2. Details

Step 3. Shopping Cart (What you want to order today and ship out today.)

Step 4. Autoship/SPSS (This will ship 30 days from your join date.)

Step 5. Summary

Step 6. Payment


Once you are one the Details page, if your Billing and Shipping address are the same, there is nothing you need to do. However, if your Shipping address is different from your Billing address, there is an option of adding a Shipping address.

By default the system will ask for your Billing address, if that is the same as your Shipping address, there is nothing you need to do, just fill in the Billing address and the system will also make your Billing address your Shipping address. 

However, if you have a different Shipping address, click the blue hyperlink that is circled in red in the above example called: 

Specify a Shipping Address if different to your Billing Address

 Once you click the above link, a confirmation box will pop up and ask you:

"You only need to specify a shipping address if it is different to your Mailing Address. Do you want to continue?"

You can then either click on "OK" or "Cancel". If you click on "OK", another data field will show up, and it will look like what is below:

You now see you can enter in your Shipping address.